Heritage Family Dental Centre

Dr. Mona Hegazy


Dr. Mona Hegazy is a leading dentist and orthodontist and is widely recognized for providing top-notch dental care to patients of all ages since 2018. She is recognized as among the most esteemed, introspective, and highly skilled dentists across Canada with over 15 years of extensive dental and orthodontics background. Her dental mastery includes general dentistry
services, including orthodontics, and implant and restoration services, etc.
Mona began her career with the Ministry of Health and Population in Alexandria, Egypt, gaining unparalleled experience in the world of dentistry while also establishing herself as a respected orthodontist. Currently working for several dental companies as Associate Dentist and Orthodontist, Mona is widely known for her solid dental understanding, diagnosis and treatment
skills, and communication expertise. She excels in working closely with her patients and their respective families to foster a life-long dental care and treatment plan while serving as an advocate of dental health. To her colleagues and superiors, Mona is patient-focused, reliable, enthusiastic, and meticulous who unswervingly goes beyond her responsibilities to promote the importance of dental health to the community. She graduated from Alexandria University with a bachelor’s degree in dental medicine and oral
surgery, eventually earning an associate fellowship in orthodontics from the Academy of GP Orthodontics in Rockwall, Texas. Mona is a member of several professional affiliations such as the Royal College of Dental Surgery – Ontario, Ontario Dental Association, and General Academy for Dentistry and is Invisalign- and Nitrous Oxide-Certified. While her extensive dental acumen and experience has taken her worldwide, Mona is proud to call Mississauga, Ontario her home.